Two double rooms (there are additional beds for children) One room with two double bunks sleeping four in total. During the summer, there’s an additional room in the attic for two people. In the summer there will also be beds in the barn.
1. Jukkis and Miinas room
2. Ruusas room
3. Small room with bunk beds
4. Living room – bed for one but it’s possible to have additional bed for two.
5. Attic room for two

There is a toilet in the house. Instead of bathroom there is a small sauna with hot water – sauna heated if required. You can also book a smokesauna at an additional cost. Later this summer there is going to be a small dance hall in the barn with live music. Near it is also a place for eating and coffee. If you want a meal, we use nearby catering. We keep up the house, heat the saunas and give help if needed in English and Swedish.

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